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Unwind's story:

My grandma taught me to cast on stitches when I was 3 years old and by the time I was 5 she had me knitting pot holders, dishcloths, well, anything that was square.  I continued knitting until I was in my teens and thats when I taught myself to crochet.  Every expectant mother received a baby blanket, booties and beanie from me.  I dabbled in cross stitch, needlepoint and even tried to quilt once, but I don't really get along very well with the sewing machine. 

When I became a mom I was just too busy working and raising my family to spend much time with knitting or crocheting.  So all my needles and yarn were stuffed in bags and boxes for 15 + years.  It wasn't until my sister and I took a little vacation to visit our parent in Walsenberg, CO in 2004 that knitting came back into my life and boy did it come back strong.  We found a cute little yarn shop in Walsenberg and the owner Edla was the sweetest lady you'd ever meet.  That was also the day I became a yarn a holic.  I dreamed of the day that I would be able to have my own shop, but I knew unless I won the lottery, it probably wasn't going to happen.  Who in there right mind would leave a paying job with great benefits to start their own business and risk it all?   No one! 




Unfortunatly in September, 2009 my world came crashing down. 

 After 10 years as Operation Manager for a staffing company, I was told my position had been eliminated.  What was I going to do?  I updated my resume, started scouring the internet and newspapers and sent my resume out to every company I could think of, I went on interview after interview, but none of those jobs felt right.  Then one day my daughter, Chelsea came to me and said, "Mom, open a yarn shop!"  My first reaction was, "I can't do that!"  but the the thought of my own shop kept skipping through my mind.  I did have a little money in my 401K.  Maybe this could work.  


Claremore hadn't had a yarn shop in years and the closest LYS was in Tulsa.  So I knew there was a need.  I found a great location and with the help of my family, the shop opened on December 1, 2009.


Unwind is a very friendly place, a place where anyone can come in and feel comfortable enough to kick off your shoes and sit and knit, relax and unwind.  We've got a great group of regulars that frequent often.  I'd love it if you became one of my frequent fliers also.


We are kid friendly, there's toys, and Disney movies for them to watch while mom shops.  My grandson, Hayden will be more than happy to share his bean bag chairs.

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